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There is no need to fast for most scans (except for PET and myocardial scans, which are described in a separate section).

For most scans, no special preparation is required.

However, for some examinations, you will need to follow the recommendations on the invitation.

Pre-medication is carried out in the nuclear medicine department for certain examinations (such as Datscan brain scans, etc.) which require thyroid protection with non-radioactive iodine.

This medication will be given to you by the nuclear medicine technician in charge of you.

Contraindications are rare, but we will systematically investigate whether there is a risk of pregnancy in women who are to undergo scintigraphy.

It is not advisable to carry out a scan if you are pregnant or breast-feeding.

In such cases, breast-feeding should be suspended, or the scan postponed if it is not urgent.

Make sure you wear clothes that are easy to remove for the images.

It's best not to wear jewelry or metal objects on the day of the examination, as they will need to be removed for the scan.