FNa PET-Scan



18F-FNa (fluorine-18 coupled with sodium fluoride) PET is a medical imaging test that visualizes the binding of FNa to the skeleton. This is functional imaging. This technique is coupled with a CT scan to improve image quality and obtain precise localization of binding anomalies of the injected radioactive drug.

To carry out this examination, a small quantity of a radioactive drug is injected intravenously, via an infusion which will first be administered by the nuclear medicine technician.

This radioactive product, Fluor18, coupled with a sodium fluoride molecule, has the particularity of binding to any bone lesions. The 18F-FNa PET scan is used to diagnose tumors or bone metastases, and to evaluate the effectiveness of certain treatments (chemotherapy, radiotherapy, etc.).

You should allow 2 hours for the FNa PET scan.