Myocardial scintigraphy

2 times 2h


For stress myocardial scintigraphy, you need to follow certain guidelines: eat a light breakfast, with no coffee, tea, chocolate, bananas or cola-based soft drinks.

It is possible to eat a light meal at lunchtime, between the 2 phases of the myocardial scan.

The radioactive product used for the scintigraphy has no particular side effects or effects on the patient.

On the other hand, drugs may be used during the stress test. Some of these drugs may cause side effects. It is therefore preferable not to drive after the stress test.

It is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with young children on the day of the examination.

It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids on the day of the examination to eliminate the radioactive product more quickly, and thus reduce your exposure and that of those around you.