A 6-hour fast must be observed to perform the FDG PET scan. No food is allowed, neither food nor drink, nor chewing gum. Only plain water is tolerated, as well as the usual medication.

To carry out this examination, a small quantity of glucosed radioactive product is injected intravenously, via an infusion which will first be administered by the nuclear medicine technician.

This product has the particularity of binding to any lesions on the body. You will be placed in an individual cabin for 45 to 60 minutes of strict rest without stimuli, to ensure proper distribution and fixation of the product before the examination.

If you suffer from diabetes, you will be asked not to take your rapid-acting insulin for 6 hours before the exam.

In most cases, no special premedication is required.

It is necessary, however, to check your appointment, as you may have to follow a special diet or be given medication before the examination (beta-blockers, etc.).

- Women of childbearing age: it is necessary to verify the absence of pregnancy.

- Nursing mothers: When administration during lactation is essential, milk may be drawn off before injection and stored for later use.

If you are naturally anxious, the nuclear medicine manipulator will be able to reassure you by suggesting relaxation methods. They are trained in a variety of methods, and our PET rest boxes are equipped with a personalized musical relaxation application.