F-Choline PET-SCAN



It is important to be fasting 4 hours before the appointment time (no nutritional infusions either): no food is accepted, no eating or chewing gum.

Do not drink any sugary beverages, except plain water.

Drink ½ liter of still, unsweetened water 2 hours before the examination.
    Take your usual medication.

  • If you have diabetes, do not take insulin within 6 hours of the examination.
  • If you are on dialysis, please inform the reception desk.
  • Pregnant women
  • For women who are breast-feeding, it will be necessary to suspend breast-feeding.

Where administration during lactation is essential, milk may be drawn off before injection and stored for later use. Breast-feeding should be suspended for at least 24 hours, and milk produced during this period should be drawn off and discarded.

If you are naturally anxious, the nuclear medicine manipulator will be able to reassure you by suggesting relaxation methods. They are trained in a variety of methods, and our PET rest boxes are equipped with a personalized musical relaxation application.