F-Choline PET-SCAN



You can drink plain water, but it is very important to fast completely for 4 hours before the FDG PET scan. Otherwise, images may be of poor quality, and your examination may be postponed.

Your companion will not be able to attend the PET scan.

What's more, there are no side effects, so you can leave on your own.

Radioactivity is not dangerous for those around me.

It is advisable to avoid prolonged contact with young children on the day of the examination.

It is advisable to drink plenty of fluids on the day of the examination to eliminate the radioactive product more quickly, and thus reduce your exposure and that of those around you.

The radioactive product has no side effects and does not cause any particular discomfort.

It is rapidly eliminated through the urinary tract, so it is advisable to stay well hydrated and urinate frequently on the day of the examination.