45 minutes


It is not necessary to fast for all MRI examinations. This will be indicated on the invitation sent to you.

You can take your usual medication.

Fill in the questionnaire sent to you by post and inform us in advance of your appointment if you have any contraindications.

Avoid wearing jewelry, piercings, hair clips, etc. The operators who take care of you will ask you to remove your clothing and metal objects.

If an injection of contrast medium is required. A prescription for Gadolinium has been sent to you with your appointment.

If you have an intracranial variable-pressure valve, a control X-ray will be taken in the department to check its adjustment.

In the case of an allergic background, the day before the exam: start premedication with 1cp of AERIUS (antihistamine). A prescription will have been sent to you with your appointment.

Patients with :

    - a heart battery (a pacemaker or defibrillator), an implanted neuro-stimulator, aneurysmal, vascular or surgical clips implanted before 1992, cochlear implants (inner ear)

    - an automated pump, insulin pump, morphine pump, metal splinters in the eyes, near the vessels of the skull or any other part of the body.

must notify the radiology department before the day of the appointment by calling, bringing with them the card identifying the implanted equipment.

Other relative contraindications will be investigated by the technicians to ensure that you are safely cared for during the examination.

This examination is painless.

You may feel a sensation of warmth during the sequences.

The machine is relatively noisy. We will provide you with earplugs or noise-cancelling headphones.

If you suffer from claustrophobia (fear of being locked in), rest assured that we are well aware of this problem. We can offer you personalized relaxation treatment (musiCare and/or hypnosis). You can also talk to your doctor about premedication.