45 minutes


Allow at least 1 hour on site.

When you arrive, you'll be asked a number of questions; the most important thing is to mark the answers marked "YES" on the questionnaire you've been given.

To ensure good-quality images, you will be told which clothes you need to remove.

You will lie on an examination bed that moves through a ventilated tunnel about 2 m long, lit and open on both sides. The team of manipulators will be just behind the glass. They will be able to see and hear you throughout the examination. You can communicate with them at any time via a microphone and bell.

Some examinations require an intravenous injection, usually at the elbow. If your examination requires an injection, you will be given a prescription to collect the necessary product from the pharmacy. This product is well-tolerated by patients, although minor allergic reactions (such as urticaria) are possible.