45 minutes


Most MRI examinations do not require apnea. However, for some examinations, the operator may ask you to hold your breath.

Unlike contrast agents injected in CT scans, MRI contrast agents do not cause a sensation of heat when injected through the catheter.

On average, the examination lasts between 20 and 40 minutes.

It will be necessary to remain motionless during the acquisition of sequences, which last on average 5 minutes.

you will be installed on an examination bed, which moves through an open, bright, ventilated tunnel. You will be able to maintain contact with the operator at all times (camera, bell, intercom).

During the examination, we ask you to remove your clothing and jewelry. A single-use gown will be provided.

Images need to be analyzed. They are not always interpreted in real time, and are sometimes transmitted to a teleradiologist.

Once the examination has been completed, the results will be forwarded to your referring physician, who will inform you of the results at your next consultation.